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You Are At Risk



I recently bought BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2016. Everything was working fine up until about 10 minutes ago. I was on Youtube and at the bottom of the screen I

received a message telling me that my Antiphising Filter has been disabled. I opened Bitdefender and it said in big red letters saying: YOU ARE AT RISK. I clicked on it and it brought me to a window that says: Security Issues. I highlighted where it said that Antiphising Filter is disabled then clicked Fix. At first it said No Issues Have Been Fixed, then not 2 seconds after, it said fixed 1 out of 1 issues. I don't know how to fix this. It still says in red text that I'm at risk. the attachment below is a screenshot of the security issues window.



  • I always see this ''you are at risk'' when I just open my computer and bitdefender is not awake...

  • I have Total Security 2016 so it may be different in Anti Virus Plus 2016 but under Modules / Web Protection / there is a switch to enable "Protection against phishing". The red text "You are at Risk" might mean you need to update your AntiVirus definitions. I always have the Widget open so I can see what's going on.