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Setting Up Schedule For Antivirus Checking


Recently purchased and installed Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 for my new Dell 15.6 Windows 10 laptop.

I have trouble setting up schedules for quick or full scans. I fill in the frequency and the hour for scan. But then I cannot get to the OK button to confirm my choice because the window in question is too large for the screen and does not show the OK button at the bottom. If I bring the OK button into view with the mouse pointer or the touchpad it immediately pops back before I can click the button. Ctrl -, which one normally uses in such cases to make the window and its display smaller does not work on this window. I am attaching a snippet of the window.

Please advise. Thank you for your help.



  • weary

    Maybe not a great suggestion but could you temporarily increase your screen resolution? I'm thinking maybe that will reduce the size of the window...

  • That would have been a great idea. Unfortunately, the resolution is already set to maximum, as recommended. That's how the new laptop was delivered to me.

    Thank you for your attempt to help me.