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2 Problems Edge Browsing+Slow Awake


I have 2 problems with Bitdefender Total Security 2016.

​1. Bitdefender starts incredible slow. All programs are running and i can use the system.
​But the Bitdefender Awake message takes 1-2min after starting the system.

​Tried everything. Fresh Windows 10 Pro x64 install.
​Reinstalling Bitdefender.. But its incredible slow.

​2. Some websites are getting blocked or are incredible slow.
​ doesn't load at all.. like its getting blocked.
​Sites like Facebook are slow.. or just load 50% of the site/images.

​Tried a lot.
Disabled Firewall.. - No effect
​Disabled Web Protection - No Effect
​Disabled Antivirus - No effect

​The only thing that works is removing Bitdefender.. And al sites are working correctly again.

​What can possible be wrong..

​Using Dutch version of Bitdenfender... Version
​Dutch Windows 10 Pro x64.