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The link scanner works at times and does not work most of the time. In a majority of cases it is just circling for ever. And in the rest it is just not absent.

Now that you have resolved most of the active issues (except live tiles), could you work on this problem please?



  • Hello Mirage22.

    If you are referring to the Search Advisor please let us know on what browser are you encountering this situation and that there are no other add-ons interfering with the proper functionality of it.

  • I use the latest Chrome version with uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere.

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
    edited May 2016

    Please follow the steps bellow to resolve the encountered situation.

    - open Chrome
    - type in the address : chrome://flags and press Enter
    - go to : Experimental QUIC protocol and disable it (you can use CTRL + F to search for it)
    - close Chrome and open it back again for the changes to take effect.

  • Ok, i have done as you asked. will report back in a few days if this works properly.

    But primarily being a Google user for many of its services, wont disabling QUIC reduce my latency and time to connect to each of the services?

  • Not exactly, this is a experimental module Google included in their browser and sometimes can cause more issues than provide improvements.

    They need still need to iron out most of the glitches in it. I am confident that you will not notice the difference in the response time and in some cases an actual improvement.

  • mirage22
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    I can confirm that the solution has been working. Thumbs up to you on two counts. 1) For solving the issue and 2) for replacing whoever was there before you. You have brought back support in these forums.

    A lingering issue still remains. The links in Facebook do not get scanned often. It just keeps circling. Any idea how to solve this?

  • Hello,

    Try clearing the cookies and cache from the browser first to ensure there are no damaged temp files.

    Also if you click on the little lock on the left side of the web address and then go to Details and then View Certificate do you see "Issued by Bitdefender Personal CA.NET-Defender" ?