Quarantined Files Cannot Be Restored!

Ok been using this free antivirus for a year or so. It routinely quarantined files that are not infected. I have lost apps by Microsoft like "One Drive" for Windows 10 being deleted every couple weeks requiring the app be reinstalled. I have had it go nuts on steam install and I have to turn it off to get software installed like steam or origin. This makes me wonder how stable or reliable it is. Yes it does most likely get every infected file it can find. But this is a little over the top. Deleting Microsoft apps and preventing games from working or even being installed? This has happened more than a couple times. I reinstall windows every couple of weeks because i am always wanting a fresh system. I install stuff and then uninstall it and install even more stuff. It has reached a point where i have just not been running certain apps because this antivirus has been hating on them!

I love this software because it is easy to use and requires little effort on the user end. But after looking through this forum i see little evidence that there is any real effort on the developers end to deal with false positives for the free version. Yes i have never submitted a bug report or contacted support to mention false positives. I just like an antivirus that works. And the software is mostly stable except when the main app just crashes. That happened 20 min ago when my monitor rebooted because it updated its software to a new version. LOL when security apps crash at same time monitor reboots you wonder what is going on. Usually that results in me wiping my system because i get super paranoid about being infected. But the antivirus shows nothing except a few internet temp files being quarantined. And oh yah One Drive is gone again and I have to reinstall steam cause bitdefender decided it was a good day to nuke another 500 GB of files for funsies! Oh no complaints here about how easy it is to install or use. I just question the functionality and dependability. Its a good thing i would only ever use this on a home PC.

I have looked at the features for the paid version and i absolutely shudder at the idea of ever letting an antivirus do that to my system! I would love a paid version that offered the free version with just paid support. I would pay for what i have if i could just get good tech support. No complaints as this is a free service and if i wanted support i could just follow the recommendations and submit false positive reports and actively help the developers that way. But what options do i have if i want the functionality it currently has but has paid support? I mean can i register the free version for paid support and pay and continue to use it but get actual paid support? Or do i have to switch versions? Cause I would love to pay to fix these issues on my dime but absolutely don't want to change the version of software. I don't want the features that the paid version has. I like it as is. I just want to pay for real support? Is that an option?


  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
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    Hello Ne0matrix,

    Firstly to contradict your topic title, you can restore quarantined files by going to Logs > Threat Control.


    You too the correct course of action to submit the FP in our submit box

    The paid version offers more than just a Scan, you can exclude files and folders to avoid FP for example. Steam is known to cause FP as it hooks into most games and suffers changes with each update.

    Sounds highly unlikely for the product to delete 500 GB out of the blue, please provide us with the Event logs, you mentioned you contacted support regarding this situation, please provide me with the ticket number and I'll look into it.