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Wallet Sync


Hello. Wallet in my BIS 2016 ( reset sync everytime I restart my PC and can't remember all changes in it. For example: I open my Wallet and modify login and password for some site, then a save this changes and Wallet tells me "last sync: NOW". Then I restart my PC and open my Wallet and it tells me that sync was 16 DAYS AGO (!) and the site to which I changed the login and password have previous login and password. Same thing was with previous build... I can reinstall Bit and it solve this problem but it can appear again over time... I show you 2 screenshots, first is before I restart my PC, second is when I restart it.




  • Also I have ticket 2016050219180002 and I still can't get an answer for it just about month.

  • Sorin G.

    Hello Vitalik1993,

    We do apologize for the delayed answer.

    Troubleshooting on this situation will continue via ticket 2016050219180002

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