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Firewall Losing Adapter Settings On Reboot. Old Problem Back Again.



About 12 months ago, the firewall module had an issue where rebooting the PC would mean that the settings under Adapters would be reset, with the Network Type going back to Home/Office, the Stealth Mode back to Off and Generic back to Off. After several threads detailing the problem, it got resolved.

Well it seems to be back this week. It's a real nuisance. I run a development server with multiple websites being tested by clients externally, and whenever the machine restarts, all external access is lost. I have to remember to go back in to Adapters and reset the Network Type to Trusted again every time.

Any chance of fixing it again? :)


  • I have the same problem. On a Win 10 machine, and one Win 7 Pro machine, the local network setting keeps its setting as Home/Office on reboot, but another Win 7 Pro machine does not. Tech support suggested running repair, which worked on the problem machine for 1 day. I was able to reboot and the setting was saved. The next day, the problem was back.

    I also manually connect to a VPN after startup that needs to be set as trusted, but that setting doesn't stick on any machine.

    I hope this can be fixed as changing the settings every time I need to connect to the VPN is annoying

  • Sorin G.


    Please let me know if after you setup your Adapter you set Generic to ON on all adapters in the list.

  • Turning Generic "on" seems to have fixed the problem on all machines for both the local network and the VPN. Thank you!

    Odd that Stealth mode and Generic aren't even mentioned in the program documentation for the firewall

  • Turning Generic on worked for me too.

    Is that indicative of a bug or is there some reason why the settings are only stored if set to Generic?