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Can't Access Computer At All Anymore!

edited August 2016 in Privacy

Today, for no apparent reason, my daughter's PC started showing a blue Bitdefender Parental Control page shortly after she would log in. It says "Access to this computer is restricted by your parents during certain hours. Ask your parents about access to your computer."

There is nothing but a "SHUTDOWN" button on this page, but it does not work. The only option for me is to force the laptop to shut down (long hold on the power button).

This happens even with my administrator account! So basically, we are all 100% locked out of the PC and cannot even uninstall Bitdefender.

I also see no way on to configure parental control time restrictions.

The laptop is a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10.

Please advise--anyone.


  • Can someone please give me the command line to uninstall Parental Control? I may have time before the PC is locked to uninstall it, after logging in as admin.

  • heterodox
    edited August 2016

    I sorted it out myself by very quickly going into "Programs & Features" and removing Bitdefender. I had also removed the laptop in question from, so that may have helped. I'm just not sure, since it did not help immediately.

    Not surprisingly, Bitdefender support gave me a completely useless reply, by advising me to log into the laptop and configure this and that. Obviously, they had not even read my message, since the whole point was I WAS BLOCKED FROM DOING ANYTHING SHORTLY AFTER LOGGING IN!

    But now, I've removed **itdefender, and it joins the illustrious ranks of Symantec and Kaspersky in that I have perma-banned it. This type of issue is absolutely inexcusable. I've removed **itdefender from my other desktop PC as well, and the performance improvement is dramatic. Gone are the hair-pulling days when I would wait literally 2 or 3 minutes every time I renamed or deleted a file, or tried accessing a context menu.

    Goodbye, all.