Automatic Update Turns Itself Off

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Automatic Update turns itself off. I received warning from Bitdefender everyday that the product hasn't been updated so I manually click update everyday. One day, I was curious why I have to manually update the software so I went to General Settings > Update and found out that Automatic update is set to OFF. I turned it on and continued my work. Today I received a warning again so I checked and Automatic Update is OFF again. Before writing this post, I set it to ON and Bitdefender updated itself immediately.

Please help, this is annoying. I intended set Autopilot to OFF since I started using Bitdefender about a month ago because I want to know what actions are being taken against threats. The Profile is set to Work because I use this laptop mainly at Work.

Thank you

Product: Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2016 last updated today

OS: Windows 10 64-bit version 1607 build 14393.51 (Anniversary Update)

PS. I tried to open support ticket through Bitdefender Support Tool (both integrated and standalone) but it stuck at "Gathering Information, Executing tool" or something.


  • Hello,

    With Auto Pilot off the product is basically in manual mode where you will have to update/scan etc.

    The profiles can disable Automatic Updates to ensure your work goes unhindered.

  • I did try to turn Bitdefender off - no luck. No, I cannot use Bitdefender, I'm

    going to a home (at 82 years old) and will not have a computer. Please refund

    my $89. I have no use for three years of protection. Elaine T. Cone (email will be

    woking for one more month, then it will be off) Do not make me have to change

    my credit card to get my money back, if no $89 by 7/6/21 that is what I will have to do

    -- [email protected]

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