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Autopilot Enabled After Bd Update


Three days ago I manually updated BIS-2016

Next day when I cold booted the PC I noticed a lot of inward traffic. Traced to Bitdefender. (confirmed with "Process Explorer")

Opened BIS 2016 and AutoPilot had been ENABLED and BD updater was running.

- also discovered some settings in Profiles had been changed ?

Ever since the introduction of "AutoPilot" (2013?) I have always set AutoPilot to "Disabled"

- I can only suspect the BD update the day before or is BD robot now deciding how I should use my PC ?


  • Hello

    I recently ran a scan and everything came out fine When I went to check my Events, There was a result which stated that Bitdefender was unable to update or something. I contacted them and in the reply they

    asked for a support tool log and a screenshot. I sent them the screenshot but not the tool log because it seemed like it was taking forever to finish gathering info, so I cancelled it thinking it was an error. I tried a second time, and after a little wait, it worked. My folder showed up on my Desktop after I opened the archive it was in. I don't know how to send the folder to them. I will attach the screenshot below. Any help however little, would be great. I just thought I'd post this here while awaiting a reply from the company itself. Maybe someone here might be able to.

    Thank you.


  • Danielst
    edited September 2016

    Hi Grayghost2 and Grimlock96,

    @Grayghost2 The Autopilot is supposed to remain the way you set it. Please run a repair and let me know if the issue persists.

    @Grimlock96 An e-mail containing alternate steps of sending files has been sent. Please reply to that e-mail or let me know if you did not receive it.