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Persistent 100% disk usage for 6minutes or more

I have purchased bit defender and have been enjoying it for the last 6 months or so. However i noticed that after upgrading to windows 10 around April 2016 my pc would hang at times. Being a software developer i first thought the issue was Android Studio  (/index.php?/forum/401-general/&do=add" rel="">   but later i was able to drill down and see that the culprit was vsserv.exe The BitDefender Security Service. 

recently it has become worse and i regularly have to stop working altogether because my drive D is in 100% use! I even moved Android Studio to drive C to see if this would help but for some reason its still Drive D that gets the 100% usage.

Could someone kindly assist? i've read the forum but there was no answer that worked, hence my post.