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Bitdefender 2017 crashes windows 10 processes

edited September 2016 in Install activation

I ran Bitdefender 2016 successfully for an entire year, today I decided to upgrade to the 2017 version. After following the upgrade instructions on this forum, I installed the newest version.

Upon completion, I got a windows popup saying "SmartScreen has stopped working" and "NVIDIA Settings has stopped working". I continued using windows but I got tons of processes which stopped working, leaving me unable to startup control panel, task manager, and any other program I could think of.

Upon reboot I couldn't get pas the login screen, seemingly every windows process crashed which leaved me with a black screen and notification windows of a lot of processes which stop working including "Host process" and "Windows Control Panel", etc... I had to go into safe mode to remove the 2017 version.

I tried to remove and reinstall Bitdefender 2017 but had the exact same issue each time.

Now I'd like to revert back to the 2016 version temporarily but can't seem to find the installation file.


ps. I am running Comodo Firewall alongside Bitdefender, has never been an issue before. I tried shutting down Comodo to see if my system would act normal again, without success.


  • Sorry for double post but could't edit the original post. I found a Bitdefender 2016 installation file. After installing the 2016 version I was getting the exact same behavior I was getting when I was running the 2017 version. Which is strange since Bitdefender has been running fine for over a year. I'll update as I find out more.


    Got another update, it seems that I can run windows normally when I disable Active Threat Control. As soon as I enable this, all my processes start crashing again. It might have something to do with Comodo perhaps? I'll try to uninstall Comodo tomorrow to see if this resolves anything.

    ps. I'm running Bitdefender 2017 again since the 2016 version also started acting the same way all of a sudden as described in my other post. 

  • Sorin G.



    After you uninstall Comodo I would suggest running a repair on Bitdefender. You will no longer encounter issues afterwards.

    Its not advisable to have more than one security solution on the same machine.

  • Thank you Sorin, I did as you said. I removed Comodo Firewall, ran the Bitdefender Repair and now my system is running normal again.