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Disabling Anti-Theft / Wipe for a computer

edited December 2016 in Feature request

There should be a way to turn off anti theft remote wiping feature for desktop computers. That way one can leave it enabled for laptops but keep it disabled for desktop computers where such functionality is not needed.

The whole purpose of paying for a security package is to get a peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

After upgrading to Total Security 2017 however, I feel like all my PCs and all dozens of terabytes worth connected hard drives are at a risk of getting wiped any day by some hacker who manages to get access to Bitdefender Central account.

For the same reason I can't get around installing Bitdefender to my parents PCs even though having a central management page for licenses and scans would otherwise be ideal. I just can't risk being responsible for getting all their data wiped.

Yes, I do have a strong password and I know its very unlikely scenario, but considering how often these hacks happen even to the biggest of companies it certainly is a possibility and having a simple off toggle for the feature in settings would mitigate the risk.


  • Sorin G.



    Thank you for your feedback.

    I have also moved your thread in the Feature Request section.

  • Hello,

    I support this request! There must be an option for PCs to deactivate the anti-theft protection (or specifiv functions of it), I bought Bitdefender TS one hour ago and I am really not happy about this restriction. Taking into account that such features like "device traking2 have the potential to bring new security concerns, there should be the possibility to decide for each device individualy.


    Best Regards


  • I second this request. I would actually see two features:

    1) two-factor authentication for bitdefender central - I'm very uneasy securing it with only a password

    2) disable anti-theft/wipe for PC/Desktop toggle

    I bought the software yesterday and I really don't like these options missing




    Got a test version of IS 2017 installed.

     I can’t buy your product / can’t recommend it for now.

    Remote functions are always a risk.

    The option to turn off ALL remote functions in the client is needed.

    The licensing function in BD Central is enough.

    If I need a business product with remote functions, I would buy your business products..

    This should stay a solution for private use !

    For every service u need an online user account nowadays.. horrible..

    looking forward to your reply

    Kind regards

  • I second this request. Remote features should have the option to be disabled.

  • Actually, I have the same problem about turn off Anti-Theft.

    I'm the administrator of 10 devices, and just now I havefound out, that I can block them or even delete all the data and programs on that device.

    I don't want to use this feature at all, and it doesn't matter if it's my family or my co-workers.

    NO ONE should have the power to delete data on someone else's device unless both parties agree (and I'm sure neither my wife, nor my children, nor my co-workers would ever agree to something like that).

    If turn off is not possible, which would be very strange, then I will have to cancel the Total Security license - such a policy is fundamentally against my beliefs.