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port scan detected and blocked from local lan IP, fixed issue now I want to unblock that IP


I have Total Security 2016 and had a pop up today telling me that a local IP on my lan did a port scan and was blocked. That computer is running Milestone Xprotect NVR software for my video cameras and I found that there was a setting called 'enable automatic device discovery' that was turned on by default and looking into it it basically scans for IP cameras and if it finds one it configures it automagically.

Sounds like a good NVR feature but i like to do the configuring myself, so I turned it off. However I would like to unblock that IP and cant see where it is to unblock it. There is a client on my PC that connects to the server so I can watch live video and view recorded events that is no longer working since this message popped up .... it works from another computer so i suspect that when the port scan block happened it completely blocked that IP.

Anyone know where i can unblock that lan IP? (windows firewall disabled so its not that)


  • Sorin G.



    Please add that IP to the exclusion list.

    Bitdefender > Firewall > Adapters > Network Exceptions

    Please ensure the exception has the same Profile as the physical adapter (example : Home/Office)