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active threat management and intrusion detection system auto turn off?


hello forums of bitdefender! ive got bitdefender for almost 2 years because my dad buys it for his work laptop and i also got a licence for my gaming rig. as for the past few weeks i started to notice that my bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY 2016 every time after closing/shutting down and starting the system up automaticly turns OFF active threat management & intrusion detection system, which i find very wierd/dangerous as my security is not the full 100&. i noticed this because a progamma which monitors my incoming & outgoing internet detected an intrusion from an unknown IP adress. because i dont want malware/viruses or other dangerous software on my computer (i also use it for work, bank transactions, online payments, etc.) so i started this topic to see if annybody also had this problem and/or this is something new. i hope i could get helped fast cause i cant do online bank transaction because i am scared that i got dangerous software on my pc. i also encluded 2 screenshots how it looks like when i just started my pc and openen bit defender and sorry if its in dutch! (i manually have to turn those on every single restart of the system/bitdefender).

inbraak foto.png


i hope this helps and i can get help fast!

(sorry if my grammer is not 100%, english is not my native language). 


Alexander  Thejoindemand