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Improve Accuracy of System Scan Progress Display


This is just a minor aesthetic suggestion.  The progress indicator on the System Scan could be improved to make it more accurate.  On one of my computers with just a single internal hard drive, it works reasonably well, but always advances initially much quicker than it should.

On my other computer, with a 1 TB SSD (Drive C:) and a 2 TB WD Caviar (Drive D:), the progress scan indicator goes to about 45 to 47 percent, reasonably accurately, and then hangs there until the end of the scan (about 15 minutes), and then it quickly jumps to 95, 96, 98, and 99 percent before completing about a minute later.

Many folks, with small Drive C: SSDs, also opt for larger mechanical hard drive for their data (Drive D:).  It would be nice if BD could more accurately reflect scan progress when two drives are being system scanned.

Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.  As I said, this would just be a "nice to have."

Have a great day.