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File Shredder Warning of Files to be Shredded


Could the File Shredder Warning (attached screenshot) provide a list of the files to be shredded?  The current warning only tells me what I already know: the selected files will be permanently deleted.  However, each time I shred files I wish I could confirm just one more time that I have not mistakenly selected more files than I intended to delete…permanently.  Thank you for considering this BDTS2017 feature suggestion.

File Shredder Warning Screenshot.JPG


  • This is better described as a "review files" button.Both the Disk Cleanup and manual file shredder wizards have it (as seen in this picture), but if you trigger the latter via a right click in explorer your only options are yes (delete now) or no (window closes).

    File Shredder.PNG

  • I hope that this feature on the explorer must be added the thing is that we will really need to manually access the file shredder wizard so we can have the options to shred the files or not. 

    Hoping for the best.. cheers!! default_happy.png