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Completely DISABLE Web blocker

edited May 2017 in Feature request

I'm using Total Security 2017 on Win10Pro x64 with all updates.

The problem is as follows:

Bitdefender blocks access to legitimate non-infected web pages:


All Web Protection modules are turned OFF:


Yes, the Notifications of Bitdefender shows that it was the Web Protection module that blocked access to the web page:



Resolution: Fix the Web protection module so that when it is turned OFF, it is really turned OFF and does not block anything.





  • Hello regman, that is very unusual..

    Have you tried reinstalling BD?

    I advise you to contact BD support on .

    I`m sure they will provide you a good solution. default_happy.png

  • I believe in this case, it isn't fully the web module's fault as it isn't fraud or phishing but malware. Thus, the on-access scanner found something and blocked the page from loading. That site is clean now, but for whatever reason (possibly a malicious ad) it was blocked for you then. If it is still blocked, check your network connections and router as you may have a redirect or unwanted content in the brower ( had this yesterday).

  • Yes I agree with you mate default_happy.png , the thing is that I got the same issue about 3 weeks ago but after that I download an ad-blocker extension to my machine and somehow it works.