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Optional reminder to update.


It would have to be based on user prefrence and it would be an option to use it or not kinda like the wallet module. But it would basically remind the user if they havent updated or have had the PC off for a few days. The owner could configure a reminder its been X days or X hours since they last updated. But the important thing is the user chooses the time frame they want. And the added plus you could have with this feature is that if you have it enabled that Bitdefender will also along with the notification warning give out the occasional critical warning if say new RW comes out. Like a notification that its highly suggested that the user updates ASAP. Such as a sub notification option under neath the current suggestion to get like critical to emergency update notices and add in like a link for the really important updates to one of your forum postings about the malware or RW. That is a safe link about why its necessary to update immediately.