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BIS 2017 Will Not Open .


Its a couple of months since my installation and all worked well until recently when BIS fails to load when starting up on my Windows 10 PC. The Icon is there but cannot activate.

SafePay still seems to work OK but BIS will not open. I can carry out repair and all is OK except the Vulnerability Scan sticks on Windows Updates, however, when PC is shut down and restarted I encounter same problem .... BIS does not load.

Thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling but would welcome advice from more IT savvy members before doing this.



  • madred

    Now have further problem. Bitdefender is no longer showing veriified in Mozilla Add Ons. Does this mean I am not protected.


  • Sorin G.



    Please run a update from the Bitdefender interface and reboot the machine.

    Please keep the browser closed during the update.