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Make Bitdfender UI accessible


The Windows' screen reader, Narrator, is unable to read aloud any element of the user interface of Bitdefender 2017.

This user interface doesn't handle keyboard navigation, which is also a np-go for many users with motricity disability.

I suspect you did this in purpose to avoid trojans and co to disable the protection from the accessibility navigation feature, Even the installer doesn't respect any accessibility guideline !

Some users can only use a single (rather big) button to navigate the whole system : don't expect them to use a mouse !

More than 280 million users are estimated to have a visual impairement worldwide (source: : don't expect them to see what is written on-screen !

This may also concern the Bitdefender's Android UI (with the integrated Talkback/Brailleback screen-reader) and even the macOS UI (with the integrated Voiceover screen reader), but I haven't checked them yet..

So please, please :

1. make your installer accessible

2. make the bitdefender products accessible

3. follow the law, :


Technical guidance for accesisbility :

- Windows :

- macOS :

- Android :

- iOS :

- Linux (good for tailored accessibility) :


  • You got my vote, 

    It really lacks the compatibility with reader software's which are useful for visual impairment people.

    Technology is for Everyone and make it easier.

  • Yup you are correct mate. default_happy.png This post must be reach by their programming team and I hope they will applied this feature in the next update. 

  • I was also having problem in my Bitdfender secury, then i immediately call on Apple Tech Support Toll-Free number 1-855-887-0097 to resolve this error. I discuss my issue with them and they immediately resolve this issue.