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periodic scanning should be the default


I just bought the family pack for Bitdefender 2017. I was quite surprised that bitdefender by default does not do any type of intelligent periodic scanning (quick or full). For example i used to be a Norton internet security user and it would detect when you either weren't use your computer or you were using the computer but you weren't taxing the system and would intelligently run periodic scans. I would notice times when i would log into my computer and norton would detect i was now using my computer and would stop the scan it was doing and then would pick up where it left off when i again walked away. Bitdefender should implement a system like this. Even windows defender will periodically do a quick scan on the system (though its not to smart about it). I thought that every advanced security package would have some type of automatic scanning service and i feel large omission in bitdefender. 

I've used a few other security packages, thats autoscanning feature, while not as advanced as nortons would still scan the system perodically by default. This should definitely be the default if autopilot is chosen.