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Birtefender is ruining USB and realtime Audio

edited June 2017 in Feature request

Ever since i DE-installed my paid 2017 Bitdefender total security  i have no more problems regarding windows 10 64bit and audio dropouts and distortion with my RME UFX ii USB audio interface. Reinstalled my former used free 360TS antivirus and Zonealarm Free firewall, and all runs well and smoothly.

I guess the BF firewall is the culprit, and this built in "rules" page has not enough functionality regarding permissions. Quite complex to program, each one individually, while in Zonealarm this is quite simple with also a decent overview of ALL internal and external permissions, directly editable in one page. Backup and reinstalling the firewall rules should be easier, now one has to use safe mode to reinstall older setups in a hard to find folder.

I was also quite disappointed the way BF addresses heuristics regarding false positives; i had to revoke BF permissions again and again for the same stuff, and had to reinstall the "affected" files repeatedly.

Excluding partitions and folders to be "safe" or bypass in scanning seems not possible or as simple as 360TS allows you to do in its setup for scanning. I regret buying BF 2017, waste of money for me. -F