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Safepay feature requests


I have some requests for Safepay:

1. When the Safepay popup arises, asking if you want to use it, the popup should contain information about the site which prompted it. With 50 tabs open and advertisements cycling, it's sometimes impossible to tell what prompted the request, thus it's impossible to tell if you should permanently select a response to it.

2. When you close a tab that clearly was the cause for the Safepay popup, Safepay should stop asking if you want to use the Safepay feature. I often have to close and reopen the browser to get this to stop.  Even though all tabs are restored upon reopening, the Safepay feature doesn't assert itself after cycling.

3. When casually browsing a site, if a banking advertisement banner happens to show up, it would be really nice if you could somehow distinguish this and silence Safepay.

4. After selecting an answer to the Safepay popup, it should stick for a preset time period.  I find myself, not knowing which site prompted the annoying popup, answering "no" every few seconds.