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subscription renewall question

If I have a subscription that ends in 56 days and I buy a new subscription (same type) for 2 years.

If I enter the activate code now, do I get 2 years + 56 days from now, or just 2 years ?

The language on the dialog box asking me to replace my current subscription 56 days with one of 2 years is not clear on how it is going to work.



  • The thing is that when you purchase a renewal license key, the new subscription days are added to your current subscription. If you purchase a new Bitdefender license key, your subscription will start only when you enter your license key and activate your Bitdefender product, which means the subscription from your previous Bitdefender product may not carried over. Much better if you wait until the 56 days has past and activate the subscription. 


    But I think it is possible if you merge the two licenses. feel free to contact their support then for more information.


    Cheers. default_happy.png

  • Thanks, I will wait until my current expire before activating my new one.

  • And what happens if do you buy a renewal for another Bitdefender type?

    Now I have Internet Security 2017 (2 years) almost ended and I woul'd to move to Internet Security 2017 (3 years)

    Is possible to do this?

    Why if I do this from the Bitdefender program itself is more expensive that if I purchase a renewal license on-line? ¿? It makes not sense for me...

    Thank you!

  • Hello,


    Best that you contact our support team at for any commercial related questions.

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