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wallet website entries display by title


I have a wallet with a large number of website entries. When I go to visit a site in Safepay, via the wallet website entries, these are displayed with the URL field first, the title field is not displayed at this point at all. Please can this be changed so as the title field is the displayed field in this situation (or a configuration change made available to select which field including the title is to be displayed)?


Would there also be any chance of saving the website entries in the wallet in different categories (rather like password managers such as Keepass). This would make a large wallet more manageable & also build the categories into Safepay as per the previous paragraph?




  • morrigan25

    Let's wait for the best then , As of now I am hoping that bitdefender wallet has its own stand-alone software rather than downloading its antivirus, and for that somehow they can implement much more features because they can focus more on customer related features and feedbacks. default_happy.png