ATD Whitelist


Unless I'm doing something wrong it appears that the Advanced Threat Defence Whitelist is ignored by the ATD system.  I have put a file name and location in the whitelist and every time I try and run it it gets shut down.   Yet, and I only just found this out a few minutes ago, if I shut down the ATD system, run the file that usually gets shut down by ATD, then restart the ATD system the offending file/application is still left to run????

Is this a bug in Bitdefender Internet Security 2018????



  • Rampant

    Send the file to the laboratory BitDefender, they will add to the database of white lists, if the application does not pose a threat.

  • Danielst
    edited August 2017

    Hi Servalan,

    We have sent you an e-mail in regards to the issue you have encountered, please check your Inbox.

    Thank you,

    PS : We used the email attached to your forum account, if you have not received any emails, please provide us with a different address.