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Wallet Top Requsted Feautures

Hello, I have been a loyal customer of Bitdefender for quite some time now, one of the most important features for me is Wallet but, there's some things that many people have requested before and they would really make a difference compared to the competition. 

According to what I've seen in previous versions of Bitdefender, the top list of missing features are:

1- An option to automatically backup the wallet database, where the frequency of auto-export is set by the user as desired e.g every X hours, everyday, every week...

This is really important because it's inconvenient that users have to manually export their database, when it could easily be done automatically. 

when I upgrade to newer versions of bitdefender, sometimes I've forgoten to export the database and I 've lost recent saved passwords, luckly I always have an older version backed up.

2- Support for Edge, a lot of people have requested an extension for Edge browser, it's been a year since the Windows 10 Anniversary update rolled out, allowing developers to be able to make extensions for Edge. I think it would be the right time to launch this feature since the 2018 was just released, making it a perfect time to add it as a new exclusive.

3- A Wallet app for Android (maybe iOS, if possible). This is another highly requested feature that every Bitdefender user would appreciate. This could be a great option to replace other Android apps that do the same job, especially when Bitdefender users already have access to this great feature in the PC version.


I appreciate your time and hopefuly can get an update on this topic from Bitdefender.


Thank you very much.




  • +1 vote for this features ... B)

  • A standalone wallet app for IOS would be nice. I purchased Bitdefender so as to share my wallet across devices. I am not overly impressed with the IOS offerings. Having recently switched from Android to IOS, I will have to say the Android version is much more complete. Please create the wallet app. I use 24 character passwords rendering my IPad and iPhone 8 useless when I have to authenticate.

  •  hey... 1Password is the best for iOS, ever.

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  • 7 hours ago, Matei M. said:

     hey... 1Password is the best for iOS, ever.

    That's probably true. Bitdefender used to advertise the Wallet as shareable across all devices. I find it interesting the cost for many of the password managers exceeds that of BItdefender for a year - with the feature somewhat built in.

  • rafikiphoto
    edited December 2017

    +1 for wallet in Android.

  • yyBit
    edited January 2018

    same. +1 for wallet for mobile.