Need clarification in Application Access

Another newbie question. When TS 2018 blocks one of my applications, I get a notice such as in the attached screenshot.

This isn't clear to me. Does this mean the application is blocked, or do I have to flip the switch (to blue) to block it? As it is in the screenshot, is the application not blocked?

'Txs in advance for the help.





  • Based on your screen shot, you are being notified that a application is trying to ( or is going to ) modify some of your Safe Files.  If you do nothing, the application will be allowed to modify the file(s) this time but you will be notified if it tries to modify any Safe Files in the future.

    You can add the application to a Allowed To / Blocked From modifying Safe Files list by clicking the blue plus sign.  You can also block the application from modifying Safe Files by clicking the Block switch (you are correct in thinking that, in the screen shot, the application is not being blocked from changing the Safe Files; it is just a notification to you so you can make an informed decision).