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VPN Feature

I guess its time BD added VPN to its softwares. All the other competitors already have it including Avira, Avast, and even Kaspersky has it but is charged separately. This is a feature I am waiting to use as I am using a separate VPN software. (with zero logging and private servers rather than use a third party server like most of the VPN companies.


  • I'd say no to this one. Cause having bd vpn would give them too much power over our data. Not sure of their privacy policy on whether they share our computer data/info with kremlin, cia or romanian turkish secret services since they have all of our info with them, having them to see the actual net communications would give them too much power.

  • Does BD recommend any VPN or recommend a top 5 to choose from?

  • @Davidrmasay101. Are you asking if BD recommends any VPN to its customers?

  • No. As far as I know,  BD doesn't. I use a third party VPN. Speeds are incredible. But not too happy with the Support.