Backup Bitdefender Settings for easy Reinstall or Upgrade


To follow up on /index.php?/topic/74307-how-do-we-backup-all-these-bitdefender-settings/" rel="">this Forum Topic I posted in December 2016 >>

Can you please introduce a method to Backup all these critical Bitdefender configuration settings:

  1. AntiVirus Settings

  2. AntiVirus Exclusions

  3. Web Protection Whitelist

  4. Ransomware Trusted Applications

  5. Ransomware Blocked Applications

So Reinstall or Version Upgrade is really easy, and we do not have to go through the laborious and painful process of manually entering all that stuff again.


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    Also add Advanced Threat Defence whitelisted applications.

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  • +1, i created another post about this same feature, my bad

  • Excellent idea but you would think these settings would be automatically retained and applied after a repair/reinstall or upgrade. 

  • I agree, this feature is a must!

  • I also want to export and import firewall rules.

  • +1

    It could look like this:

    - Save settings

    - Restore settings

    - Restore default settings


  • +1 wow this is a perfect idea, someone read my mind.

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    the fact that BD still doesnt support simple settings backup is weird ...

    with every single problem you get, support guys advise you to uninstall and install again guess who`s gonna reconfig all that $hit again?!YOU



  • Bitdefender quite simply IGNORE customer feedback and suggestions !

    Bitfender 2019 has now been released and we STILL have to go through the process of re-configuring settings from scratch. Unbelievable !

    Shut down this User Forum. There is no point whatsoever posting.

  • I totally agree.  I refuse to upgrade or pay Bitdefender another dime unless or until they provide a way to back up all of my settings.  If need be I'll simply switch to another product, one that does allow customers to painlessly upgrade. 


  • marklyn

    Yep, when my subscription ends, I'm going to be looking for new protection package that does allow to export/save all settings, especially customized settings!