Autopilot Issue

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Greetings everyone,

So recently, I have reinstalled Bitdefender 2018 at the recommendation of BD's TechSupport. This is because FRST Logs often shows BD crashing (Red Line Error being the most prominent).

However, recently, Windows 10 have been prompting me with event pop-ups telling me that some setting in BD was changed (Autopilot was turned off). 


But when I loaded the GUI of Bitdefender, Autopilot was on. When I first loaded the GUI after windows prompt, it would display "Turn Autopilot on for Silent Security" for a fraction and then immediately switched to "Okay, we got this" all whilst Autopilot was toggled on (blue indicator). 

Besides windows 10 event prompt (which only occurred twice), everytime when I decide to load the GUI of BD by clicking on  Taskbar BD icon, the same issue would occur. Once I have doubled clicked the Taskbar icon, I would have to wait for a few seconds and the GUI would load with the above mentioned issue occurring. 

Is this a known bug?

I look foward to the reply of experts



I am running:

Windows 10 64bit

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018


  • Also, I would turn off Threat Defense for a few minutes when I run 

    Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and Mini Tool Box

    However, after these scans, I would always turn Threat defense back on.


  • downloadkct
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    The same issue happened to me 2 days ago!!

    And it wont start again even if i restart my computer, its kinda broken

  • This is my problem. Glad to see that I am not the only one.......


  • After a second, the GUI will return to this: