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Option to extract our config in a file

Another nice feature you guys dont have, please add an option so we can extract our entire config into a file, i had to repair my bitdefender 2018, it said it would save my entire config but when i restarted (4 times to complete) nothing was saved.


  • I had the same experience with BD 2018 (i.e., no settings were saved) and I only had to restart once to complete the reinstall. 

  • Wildfire
    edited October 2017

    Due to lots of exclusions I added, it would really be useful to be able to backup the settings for an easy restore after, for example, an OS reinstall.

    The way things are now I have to manually add all the exclusions again. Very annoying. :)

  • I am also voting for this as I use Paranoid mode and have to reconfigure everything after repair or reinstall.