update not working on 2 computers


I have sent error report with integrated bitdefender tool.


its error 2001. I also did reinstall on both computers. after that I can press update and after 1 sec I get reboot required message, (only 1 sec 1st update??) and after reboot its all the same. update error 2001.


I uninstalled both copies of bitdefender but that was also tricky. on one computer I used uninstall tool for paid 2018 IS and after required reboot computer hanged still showing bios screen. but I doubt its bitdefender because that computer never ever got a glitch. no blue screens or hangs... I hard rebooted and now its fine.


on second computer uninstall tool did not work - crashes. I did manual uninstall.


I did not make any changes to firewall. after all everything else is working.

yesterday was windows update. maybe its that, but it was working after I did update, but not sure did any of my bitdefender tried to make update after I make windows update. I did that just before I went to sleep and shot down computers.


also yesterday online game I play was down for 8 hours - Frankfurt data center problem. maybe this is somehow related?


  • Rampant

    It was a temporary problem on the servers BitDefender.