Bitdefender blocking my own .NET applications

I have updated to Bitdefender 2018 today, but it seems to block my own .NET applications (at least one).

In previous editions I only had such problem when setting active threat control to medium or high. In Bitdefender 2018 I am missing this setting completely.


Well and no I did not do anyhting nasty in my software. Actually it is only based on naming:

Application itself has a root namespace "PCActiveLogger"

Then calls a function from another .NET .dll in the namespace semket.Logging

Calls a Function from a .dll .NET  in the namespace semket.Threading


If you change any of the namespaces the application executes just fine.


So my questions are:

1.) Why is our unique company name found in the heuristic files

2.) Why is virus detection based on naming conventions at all especially if it is so common terms like "Threading" or "Logging"

3.) Where is the option to prevent blocking software just based on a rough guess without any proof that the code is actually malicious?


Yes I know there are exception rules, but I refuse to set exception rules for all the locations I could theoretically store my software plus all customer PCs. Also I refuse to change my naming conventions only based on some security solutions having a problem with it.