A problem occurred Bitdefender Threat...

Windows 10, Lenovo P50

I didn't buy the software. I didn't knowingly download the software and I certainly didn't install the software.

Bitdefender does not appear in Programs/Uninstall. It does does appear in the active programs list.

A Search Everything search only yields one instance of BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp.

Yet every time on restart I see the same error--something to the effect: A problem occurred Bitdefender Threat.... and a file path ending with the .dmp file appears on screen.

I downloaded the 2017 Bitdefender uninstaller. It ran to completion but still the error persists.

How do I get rid of this?



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  • I won't get an answer because I posted in the incorrect section?

    I won't get an answer because the forum is inactive?


    I won't get an answer because my problem/question could reflect negatively on the company?



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    You posted in the correct section but this forum is pretty much dead....


  • 11 minutes ago, Markg2 said:

    problem/question could reflect negatively on the company?

    the company doesn't seem to care.

  • I would try doing a registry search in  regedit.exe(registry editor) for bitdefnder keyword.See the locations or paths it returns.It is probably some remaining damage from a failed uninstall(or from the windows update interference....in my case it screwed much more things up than the AV).

    Still i don't know how the av is gone.The only current uninstall for the free version is from the programs and i haven't had any problems uninstalling this way.

    Are you sure it's the free version....or try to find more about the product in question.The uninstallers comes in editions(for 2015 line,2016 line...etc.).

    Also try also uninstalling the bitdefender agent or at least look for it in the programs.It shouldn't cause problems because it's more like a convenient license service to connect to update services. 

  • The problem was Spybot. Although I followed their instructions (twice), the problem remained. I uninstalled Spybot, the problem is gone and I might reinstall same in another six months.



  • I had the same problem after updating from 2016 to 2017. After around for weeks, blaming everything but my BD, I discovered it was a clash with Spybot and, though not happy, I uninstalled Spybot.


    A similar problem with Malwarebytes so I posted the following here and at MBam, hoping they can learn to just get along...


    This is being sent/posted to both Malwrebytes (MB) and Bitdefender (BD).


    There has been a lot of chatter about conflict. Some have it some don’t.

    I have used MB for years and am into my second year of paid premium.

    I have been using BD, not sure, but probably close to 5 years.


    I have always been very happy with both, for different and obvious reasons.


    2 years ago I purchase an ASUS UX305FA.

    I run W 8.1 with ie11.


    MB has on occasion, maybe once a month or so, unearthed various intruders that BD obviously was not programed to handle. That is exactly why I run both.


    I also use Spybot (SB) periodically as a bit of a cleanup and second opinion.


    This threesome approach has served me well, for years, until recently.

    For the past few months, maybe since BD 2017 came out, I have had a very erratic PC; webpage freezes, ie stoppages, jittery cursor and other miscellaneous annoyances.


    Because I had no prior issues with the above noted threesome, I did not associate the issue with them. I was blaming MS, Adobe ASUS etc.


    I recently did a System Refresh and BD immediately and repeatedly punched both MB and SB, preventing them from being reinstalled.


    The only installation work around was:

    Install and disable MB; install and disable BD; install SB and then turn on MB and BD. They all worked but my PC went nuts, worse than before even; completely unpredictable and unstable.


    4 days ago I uninstalled MB and I have had no issues since.

    While it is nice to be relatively problem free, I do not like being without MB.

    Not only because I paid for it but because it does different tasks from BD and has always served me well.


    I should be able to get a drink, a main course and desert without being told "only one.”

    You two kids should play nicely.

    I'll be interested to read how you respond and if you can refrain from finger pointing.


    BTW…this threesome is working just fine on a W10 PC. Only difference is, MB is the free version.


    Maybe I’ll wait a few more days and install the free version on the laptop and see what happens.