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BD is causing PIA to crash



  • 16 minutes ago, Sorin G. said:



    The issue should no longer persist in build :

    Please note the update requires a reboot to take effect.

    Thank you for the update. I look forward to giving it a try tonight, and hopefully everything is resolved.

  • The update works for me, PIA and BD are finally compatible.

  • Laurel Valley
    edited February 2018

    I know this thread was started regarding PIA. However, I would like to let BD personnel know that I am experiencing similar dropped connection problems using BDIS 2018 Build with Windscribe VPN. I really like BDIS and would like it to have full functionality when I am using Windscribe VPN. The only way I can keep Windscribe VPN up and running without any disconnects is to turn the BDIS 2018 Firewall OFF completely. I tried turning off the BDIS Firewall Stealth Mode for my Windscribe connection but BDIS turns it back on automatically the next time I reboot my PC.

    Please help because both BDIS and the VPN should work together without any problems.

  • First, I must apologize to Bitdefender because, in my post above, I really thought Bitdefender was causing the problem. However, that was not the case and I solved my problem after many hours of analysis working with multiple vendors. The problem was with my router settings. For those who might have a similar problem of random disconnects when using a VPN, I had to lower my MTU size so it would not fragment the data packet and I had to open my NAT filter.

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