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More info given to the user


One thing I dislike about Bitdefender is how little information it gives to the user of the different events and possible threats that are happening or have happened.

For instance, the weekly reports only tells with some numbers how many threats have been stopped that week. Nowhere can I find what those threats were. It would be nice if that report gave explicit information about said threats, so that I could assess if I can simply ignore them, or whether I should do something about it (such as avoid certain websites, for instance).

Another highly annoying aspect is that sometimes, completely out of nowhere, Bitdefender will pop up the "safepay" notification. This is especially worrying if it happens when I wasn't even using a web browser. It's also slightly worrying when I am using a web browser, but I'm not in any page that should contain anything related to online banking (such as youtube).

The most annoying thing about this is that the popup does not tell me anything about what caused it to trigger. Which app caused it? Was it the browser, or something else? Which page, exactly, has triggered the popup, and which URL, exactly, is that page trying to contact? Why is some app suddenly trying to contact some banking page, causing Bitdefender to pop that notification out of the blue? I think you'll understand why it feels so worrysome, even scary. And Bitdefender isn't telling me anything at all about it.

At the very least it would be really nice if there was some kind of "detailed information" button in that notification popup that could be clicked in order to see every possible technical detail about what caused the popup to appear. App, web page, the URL that's being contacted... everything.

Please do not hide this kind of critical information from your users. We pay money for you to give us this information to help protect ourselves.


  • Another annoying thing: Being completely ignored by the developers/staff.

    If I post a polite request, it would be nice to at the very least get an acknowledgment that my post has been read. Complete silence is aggravating. For all I know I'm being completely ignored, and this post has not been read by any developer or staff. Is this really how you want to treat your paying customers? I would be slightly more understanding if I were using your software for free, but not when I have paid you money to use the software. Completely ignoring paying customers only incentivizes them to go away and move to alternatives.

    If this continues, I may start seriously thinking of canceling my subscription and looking for some competing product.

  • If this continues, I may indeed start looking for alternatives to BitDefender. You are losing a paying customer here.