Firewall on remote PC blocks Chrome remote desktop access

I am not a computer/windows genie .. so please tell me how to troubleshoot this issue

My whole family uses the Bitdefender Total Security 2018 and we use chrome remote access to help each other with computer issues

If Bitdefender is in Autopilot it keeps firewall active

In firewall i see for "remoting_host.exe" the following setup:

Network - any //Protocol- any // Traffic - both // Ports - any // IP - Any // Access - Allow - enabled

But if i try to connect Chrome remote desktop does not give any error .. just tryies to connect a long time and after that it sais : "Unable to reach the host. THis is probably due to the configuration of the network you are using"

Also, i see in the "application access" part : "xxx minutes ago - remoting_host.exe was allowed" - but no incoming connection was established

If i turn off Autopilot and firewall on target computer .. it connects with no problem or delay


  • I have the same problem but i saw that the support do not answer

  • Terence
    edited February 2021


    I am facing the exact same issue. I'm on the latest version of Total Security 2020. Any update on how to fix? I already added remoting_host.exe and chrome.exe under rules but it is still not connecting.

  • Bump again with the same exact issue with Internet Security 2021.

  • This problem persists in Internet Security 2021. I am having the exact same issue. Disabling the firewall solves it, but that is hardly a viable solution.

    Please support, any response would be appreciated.

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