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Export and Import settings feature

Dear dev team,

It would be great if we could get an Export and Import settings feature, so that firewall settings, exclusions etc. can be conveniently exported and imported. This would definitely be a time-saver for lots of users.

Kind regards,

Buddel (happy Bitdefender Total Security 2018 user)


  • 42 minutes ago, Buddel said:

    happy Bitdefender Total Security 2018 user

    Well.. That is something new.

  • All in all, I'm really pleased with BTS 2018. I've been using a trial version for about two weeks, and it does work as advertised. There are only a couple of features/options that would be nice to have. Being able to export/import settings would be one such feature. I know it has been suggested before for previous versions of BTS but, unfortunately, is has not been implemented yet. :unsure: