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Search Advisor: option to drop the green checkmarks!

When I have Bitdefender Search Adviser turned on there are green checks all over my search results, which I find visually cluttering and very distracting to my focus and work flow. What I would like to see is no distracting green checks on search results where no malware is found. Just put in the red x's where malware is found, that would actually be a lot more useful to me, and a lot less clutter. I assume that I can go anywhere that doesn't have a red x, then, using appropriate care as always, of course.

I'm surprised that this isn't the way that Search Adviser was designed, or that there isn't an option to turn off the green checks and just leave the red x's enabled.

At the moment I have Search Adviser turned off due to the distraction, and will leave it turned off until the green checks are gone or I can disable them.

Thanks very much!