NordVPN CyberSec and BD 2018 running together?

james_uk ✭✭
edited December 2017 in Protection

I have just got NordVPN and it comes with a built in program called CyberSec which says is blocks ads, malware etc..

I contacted them asking if i can run both and they said yes and i should add CyberSec as an exception in BD options.

So my question here is are they right that i should run both and if so where are the option within BD 2018 that i add their program as an exception?




  • My NordVPN was removed by BD. I had to put NordVPN manually on the BD Whitelist

  • Sergiu C.

    An ad-blocker should not interfere with Bitdefender, however if it also has other security features there may appear issues, especially if it has any sort of real-time protection.