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Wallet Features

Having previously used both Lastpass and Kaspersky Password Manager, I find Bitdefender Wallet's features sadly lacking. I'm sure others have asked for these basic features already:

1.  Ability to sync. Wallet across Windows and Android devices

2. Ability to support websites with a 2 stage authentication - eg: Santander UK - which requires entry of 'Personal/Customer ID' on 1st page and then 'Password' on 2nd page. Even if the Wallet can remember only the User ID it would be helpful.

3. When displaying websites in the Open Wallet, list them in order of 'Title' not 'URL' -  eg 'Zipcar', not 'members.zipcar...'; 'CaxtonFX', not 'myaccount.caxton...'; 'Bosch', not ''; etc. etc. What's the purpose of entering a website title if it is never used?