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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018: add exclusions to malware engine


I am a Bitdefender licensed customer since +5 years now. I noticed on every edition a tendency to restrict user ability to enable/disable AV features.

Actually, to temporarily disable the detection engines, we must navigate through an incredibly complex process:

- "Protection features" and navigate through the various tabs/switches: Antivirus/Web Protection/Advanced Threat Defense/Vulnerabilty

- In "Settings", we must disable one by one the switches, remembering our previous choices

- All features, except Antivirus, won't remind you to be turned on if you forget to enable them back

- Malware engine is now hidden in settings and we can no more add exceptions to it. Only solution is to turn it off (after finding it was the culprit from a popup saying "AMSI Provider" that you have to guess it is the Antimalware engine, now separated from the AV engine)


I feel like forced to remain a newbie that should obey to Bitdefender AV decisions or go through a non-friendly setup/features, and mainly to not forget to turn on things back when done. These decisions are even dangerous as they rely on user not forgetting to reactivate detection engine


So please, give your product back the features to:

- group options to disable features under a same menu, using a simple switch and with a timer to auto-reactivate

- exceptions should be valid/possible for AV and Antimalware or any other name you'd like to add in the future (actually, no exceptions possible for antimalware)

- group the engine detection features in a less cluttered GUI (like hiding antimalware engine under settings, away from AV engine)


Without these features that would give me back more control on your product, mainly adding exceptions to malware engine, I am, like many other users in other forums, going to opt for a more customisable app like Kaspersky or G-Data


Keep up the good work and hope you fix these asap


Best regards