Bitdefender Antivirus 2018 Plus hang in windows 10 Enterprise

Since yesterday, Bitdefender seems to make my PC crash/hang at boot

Windows explorer process is frozen. I suspected Bitdefender because the icon in tray was greyed with "service issue" message on mouse hover

Many reboots were no success. I had to Uninstall Bitdefender to make windows boot again

I didn't install windows 10 security updates for Meltdown/Spectre by the way

Any idea if this is caused by some recent update in engine in the last 48h ?


  • Am I the only one affected ? Is is just a random bug in Bitdefender ?

    Anyway I can send debug info ?

  • No issues here, try doing a "repair"

  • Thank you

    I completed uninstall using the Uninstall Tool for my product

    Just reinstalled and for now seems fine after a few reboots. Will report back if I have issues

    Wired when the engine stops that they don't offer the option to send debug info...


    Many thanks

  • again, after a 2-3 restarts, it is broken, startup is slowed down. I must allow it sometimes 10mn to start the service and let the system boot without crashing it

    Uninstall and everything is fixed

    I will use Windows Defender and if no fix in 2-3 weeks, I will buy another program

    Very bad support anyway, so nothing really lost it seems

  • Hi, 


    Please send us an email about this issue at [email protected] , and attach a support tool log to your email: 

    Thank you!


  • the problem I am facing is that when it happens, the boot process hangs and every thing takes ages. Accessing explorer is impossible and browsing folders cannot be done

    I can uninstall bitdefender using Cortana search but it takes +30mn to uninstall, as any other task

    Once done, system can start again and rebot without issues

    Not sure how I can run the support tool, but I will try through task manager, if I can start it (often it won't run smoothly too)

    For now I am running with Windows Defender. I will wait until Meltdown/Spectre things are set and try to install the next update of Bitdefender. If it hangs, I will try to send a debug info