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Safe files and folders


I was having problems saving files.  Then I found that my Documents folder, and everything in it, was marked Read-only.  I changed it all to R-W, but it went right back again.

Then I found that if I turned off the Safe Files, All was then OK.  

I get what point of the Safe Files is, and I see that it is set for several folders by default.

But isn't there a way to have, for instance, a listing for each user that is specific to that users and not applicable to other users?  For instance, why would I have my own Documents folder set to Read Only?  At the same time, I would not necessarily want just anyone able to save to that folder.

If I have it protected, it is protected from ME TOO!  So suddenly, my own Documents folder is read-only for me as well as all others.  Is there not a way to protect folders from all other users except the one user setting the protection?