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Improvements to Autofill

When I open a website, say,, autofill works well. I have set the automatic autofill to OFF. So if you see IMG 1, my different accounts are shown. Works perfect. appears/pops up extremely fast too. But when I click on an empty area anywhere in the window, the Bitdefender Wallet vanishes and doesn't appear again until i either refresh the page or click on the wallet extension and do the hard work to open gmail account/or any other account.

So what I suggest is have a small icon in the end of the input area. See IMG 2


This is an extremely convenient way to select our account/username and password instead of refreshing the page for the BD wallet pop-up to appear. This picture is from lastpass and this picture is genuinely for comparison sake only and not in any way promoting their product. I want the wallet feature improved a lot and not do only the basic things or not act like a very chea.p product. I hope BD can take some cool features from other password managers as well. Also, no one wants more than one Password manager in their system. I already have BD. So I don't want to install another extension which does the same thing. Hope BD takes this feature request under consideration and implemets it ASAP. It is an easy implemetation but atleast does it in BD TS 2019. Waiting for the feature.