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Aggressive rules for the firewall

Rampant ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Protection

How to configure the firewall so that it does not miss unsigned applications on the network? Many cases when potentially dangerous applications, the firewall passes to the network, it was possible to configure the firewall earlier, for more aggressive behavior, to unsigned processes.


  • Sergiu C.



    You can set the network adapters as public or enable the Paranoid mode to have even more control. 

  • SebastianDI
    edited March 2018

    I help for performance plus security.

    It goes like this:

    Lets say u use a modern hardware - like a good router from Netgear n Stuff. Go like that:

    BD (best antivir i ever used) - go to Firewall settings.

    Firewall HOME

    Network Adapter HOME

    Settings all OFF (Port scans and blah) - your ROUTER does it for you.

    "STEALTH" OFF too.

    then do on Windows 10 "CMD" and type in "SECPOL" go to network manager there.

    there set all to PUBLIC.

    This is all worth, as long you use a hardware firewall that is build inside the router, that you are using. Your protection will still be accurate.

    Ah here turn all off in Windows 10 like VPN. Do not use VPN. Turn off VPN in BD, too.

    Enjoy the ping.





    *VPN slows down the speed and if hackers wanna hack u, they do it anyway.* like Asmedia chips have a security leak, too. it. My advise - in windows, turn off USB ASMEDIA - disable it. My advise.