0x80070035 error when firewall is on

The 0x80070035 error goes away when I disable the Bitdefender firewall.  This just started today - nothing has changed,, unless there was a change of Bitdefender part.

I have checked all the usual NetBios, Workgroup, Did reboots, and so on.

HELP - I give up.


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    Under what circumstances does the error appear? Are you trying to access a network resource when you see it? 

  • Accessing two QNAP nas boxes, in explorer under "Network".  I get the same result when I put in the IP at the Windows icon (lower left).  Qfinder finds them and I can access the units that way but is is for administration the units.  This just started happening in the middle of the day - no rime or reason.

    A CMD window ping of the address returns just fine.

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    Please try following the steps in this article:


    You will notice it has 2 parts, one to set the network adapters in home/office mode and to disable Stealth mode. Should the errors still occur after that, continue with the other steps to create IP based rules for your network resources in the Bitdefender Firewall. 

  • This morning I turned on the PC - could access the NAS - then 3 hours later error came back.  If I turn off the firewall access is fine.  Also it seems that if I turn off the firewall - start a copy from NAS to local drive - turn firewall back on - the copy still goes on just fine.

  • I did the instructions in the article - problem still exists.  

    Any other suggestions?

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    Please open a ticket and mention this topic by sending us an email at [email protected].  Thanks!

  • The problem went away after an update from Microsoft.