Premium VPN on Android Not Activated

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I just purchased a yearly subscription for BD Premium VPN.

The product shows as activated on Bitdefender Central for 3 devices

My copy on Win 10 works fine.

However - on my LG V20 (Android) - the Bitdefender app still tells me that I need to upgrade to the Premium version.  It wants to charge me again, and gives no place to put in the activation code I just purchased.

How can I get my sub to activate on the mobile app?



  • The issue is also on my Win 10 laptop.  All 3 of my devices are showing up in Bitdefender Central,  but I can't activate my Premium VPN subscription on my android or laptop (where I need to use the VPN the most)

    What else do I need to do to get this running on the other devices?  Thanks



  • Hi, 


    Please try to log-out , then log back in from each device where you are seeing this issue.

  • Thanks Sergiu!   This worked.

    FYI the login info for the Bitdefender app on desktop and mobile is not the same login info for Bitdefender Central.   This is also key to resolving this issue